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Name:Archive of LJ's Luscious Lucius Malfoy Community
Posting Access:All Members

Community for the Malfoy-obsessed. Post anything Malfoy-related: photos, fanart, stories, random thoughts, etc. The focus here is Lucius, but Narcissa and Draco are also fair game, particularly when situated in context of their relationship as a family. The Malfoy ancestors are also permitted.


1. No advertisements for HP communities or RPGs. However, advertisements for relevant ficathons and similar events are permitted.

2. Fic, vids, art (including icons), and recs are all permissible, but they must contain at least one Malfoy, preferably Lucius, as a primary character.

3. Your first post will probably be moderated, unless your post is link-free. We'll usually give unmoderated status to anyone who's posted legitimately first.

4. No explicit depictions of sex by under-sixteens may be posted in the comm. (This includes content in writing or in artworks, including cartoon/manga/anime-type depictions). No exceptions. This is to protect the community owner, who lives in a jurisdiction with case law regarding such content. In view of the international nature of LiveJournal's audience, you may link to written chan, but you must provide information about what is linked. This so that people can make an informed decision about whether it's appropriate (or legal) for them to click. Naturally, the onus is on readers to know the laws of their own jurisdiction - if unsure, play it safe.

5. If your post has a graphic or an embedded video, keep it under 600 pixels wide, or put it behind a cut.

6. If your post or linked content has adult content, you must mark it as such, and put it behind a cut.

7. If your post or linked content has triggers, you should err on the side of caution and warn accordingly. Your artistic integrity should not come at the cost of people struggling with trauma or self-harm. If you absolutely can't bring yourself to identify trigger content, please advise the reader that you have chosen not to include trigger warnings but some trigger content may be present in the piece.

8. Please don't assume the owners and moderators are continuously monitoring the comm. If there is a problem, contact all of us to maximise the chances of a quick response. The owner is deslea and she and scarletladyy is a co-maintainer.
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